Vox Studio

Vox Studio 3.0

A program for voice recording, editing and telephony file format conversion
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With Vox Studio you can convert WAV files to VOX telephony file formats like ADPCM, CCITT, A-law or Mu-law, PCM etc. It also allows you to convert files of any supported file format to any other format. Using Vox Studio you can create digitized messages for voice-processing applications like Voice Mail, IVR etc.

Vox Studio is an excellent tool that allows you to perform batch recording and conversion. One of the coolest features of Vox Studio is that it automatically trims the recorded prompts and adjusts the silence length. Vox Studio provides you a range of features like transcription that enables you to start and stop a sound file playback in Vox Studio from within the word processor; a built-in tape loader that automatically digitizes, cuts and stores prompts from a previously recorded studio tape to files; and a built-in file slicer which automatically distributes large wav files into a multitude of smaller prompt files. Vox Studio is a well-designed and very user-friendly software product.

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  • Command-line conversion and DLL conversion that can be used from within one's own applications
  • Helps in cleaning up and trimming up one's recorded sounds
  • Well-designed and user-friendly interface
  • Provides a range of features


  • Does not support Linux and Mac OS
  • Not free
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